Cut Vinyl - Intermediate Grey Backed (Oracal 3165RA)




Our Cut Vinyl is printed, cut, weeded and then lined with transfer paper.  Everything is included in one price.  Lamination is optional.

We do not cut colored vinyl.  We print the graphics and then cut what is printed so you will need to provide a full color graphic with an eps cut file of what to cut within the graphic.

The advantage to this is that you are not limited to only the vinyl colors available by the manufacturer.

We do not contour cut any portion of the graphic that is less than 1/4".  This means that we will not cut thin lines or letters less the 1/4" in height or width.

Material:  Oracal 3165RA Grey Backed (Glossy Only)

Thickness: 3.2 mils

Ink:  HP Latex

Any Adhesive Vinyl greater than 4 Feet (48") on the shortest will be OVERSIZED Package and your invoice will be adjusted to reflect the OVERSIZE shipping fees

Shipping packages greater than 48" on any side is considered to be OVERSIZED by Fedex and UPS. Additional shipping charges will be calculated after packing and will need to be paid for prior to shipping.