Help with Artwork Setup

White Ink Setup

How should I setup a WHITE INK / SPOT WHITE INK job?

When creating a White Ink job, You must include a White Ink template file (Mask File) along with the regular full color file.
The White Ink template file (Mask File) is used to show where the White Ink will be placed.

Note: White Mask File must be made in vector format and be saved as EPS or PDF format.

To setup your mask file (White Ink) we need it to be represented in a 100% black and white format. Black will represent where the finishing will be placed in relevance to the print size while the white will remain untouched. The rest of the area will be represent transparency.

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    If you would like White Ink in these CMYK areas...

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    Make a 100% Black & White (And Name as Mask File)
    100% Black representing WHITE INK Areas

Contour Cut file Setup

How should I setup Contour Cut file?

Cut Line with White Border

Vector graphic images are fairly simple. The difficulty lies when creating a contour around a bitmap image or certain portions of the bitmap (for example, there may be white space surrounding the image). Cutting individual images out of a larger sheet with tight tolerances is very exacting work, therefore, correct image preparations are vitally important.

Before producing Die-Cut stickers, the images must be made ready for cutting by first generating a line or contour around each image that is to be cut out. This line - called a cut contour line - is added to indicate to cutting equipment the shape of the image that needs to be cut out and indicates the path which the blade should follow.

In the example below, a pink cut line has been added to the giraffe sticker. The finished sticker will have a 1/16” to 1/8” border around it when removed from the backing.


Color Cut Lines For A Bleed Effect

Contours cuts in various colors to give the illusion of a full bleed or to accomplish other visual effects. While white cut contour lines as standard, we have the capability to accept files that have custom cut contour lines applied.

In the example below, the customer desires a “full bleed” effect, and has therefore added a custom cut line that is the same color as the monster. The 1/16“ to 1/8” border still exists on the final sticker, but is invisible since it’s the same color as the image it surrounds.
Designer Information:

Please note that adding custom cut lines is a procedure that requires an advanced level of proficiency in vector design applications. When submitting an image with a color cut line, we must receive one of the following pure vector layered formats: .EPS /.AI /.PDF