FAQs in Printing

Artwork & files set up

Our preferred file type is PDF, however we also accept Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI), TIFF and JPG/JPEG.
We do not accept Word Documents (DOC, DOCX), Microsoft Publisher (PUB, PUBX), Adobe InDesign (INDD), Quark (QXD) files, Powerpoint, etc.
If you are using these file types you will need to export a press-ready PDF file. We do not offer support for these programs or file types.

Please make sure your color mode is set to CMYK color mode to get accurate printing. If you send us files in RBG mode or Pantone mode, there might be a greater chance of color shift and you may not be satisfied with it.

When creating a White Ink job, You must include a White Ink template file (Mask File) along with the regular full color file.
The White Ink template file (Mask File) is used to show where the White Ink will be placed.

Note: White Mask File must be made in vector format and be saved as EPS or PDF format.

To setup your mask file (White Ink) we need it to be represented in a 100% black and white format. Black will represent where the finishing will be placed in relevance to the print size while the white will remain untouched. The rest of the area will be represent transparency.

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    If you would like White Ink in these CMYK areas...

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    Make a 100% Black & White (And Name as Mask File)
    100% Black representing WHITE INK Areas

We recommend 150 dpi resolution at 100% of the final print size or minimum of 300dpi for anything smaller than 24”x36”. Also, please do not include any bleeds or crop marks.

NO. Instead, please ensure that all fonts are outlined prior to file upload. If you are using Photoshop, please provide flattened files only.

It is not always necessary to scale your artwork down but here are a few good things to know

Vector Art (AI)

Is your file be over 200"? If yes you will want to scale it down to 50%. While Illustrator has a maximum artboard size nearly 228". Acrobat and others will only read up to 200" resulting in lost artwork. So while the artwork looks ok in Illustrator, it will not print correctly.

Raster Art (Photoshop)

Will your file be over 30,000 pixels along either axis? If yes you will need to reduce the resolution of the file to reduce the overall file size to 30,000 or less. This will maintain the correct file size and aspect ratio. Don't be worried about losing quality. A 30,000 pixel document at 150dpi is nearly 16' and would not be viewed close up anyway.

FAQ’s in Printing / General Knowledge

We print in a CMYK (or “full-color”) printer. This means all our products are printed using Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K) ink. RGB is a screen color display mode – it is not suitable for previewing colors for print. Some colors that can be displayed on screen in RGB cannot be printed in CMYK – fluorescent green is one of these colors. We accept file in RGB format but the colors will be converted to CMYK. If you use Spot or Pantone colors, please have them converted to process colors prior to file upload.*Converting PMS colors to CMYK does not guarantee the same color*

Our colors are CMYK* accurate. Custom icc profiles are created for each material we print on. If you need PMS color matching, it is available at an additional fee. Please request a custom quote. *CMYK colors may print differently than what is seen on a RGB screen.

We use #2 brass grommets, which are approximately 3/8''. Grommets are placed every 2' standard. If you need different size or color grommets, This will incur additional charges. Please request a custom quote or email us for more info.

Yes, we do weld hemmed edges and also sewn hemmed on street or street pole banner.

Yes, we do and this will incur additional charges. Please request a custom quote or email us for more info.

Unfortunately we are not able to modify your order's size details. Please cancel your existing order and place a new order with the size desired.

Depending on the size of your banner, you may receive a banner that is slightly different in length. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee exact dimensions due to the nature of large format printing process, where print heating/drying and media roll advancement may be factors in the result of your final banner print size.

Because of the different materials used and the finishing of our products, there is no guarantee for exact measurements of your order. There can be a very small percentage that could be off because of this reason. We do our due diligence to make each product exact to the size requested, but there could be a small measurement that could be off because of the production finishing or material of your order.

Artwork submitted 30 days after order was placed will not be updated. In this case please contact us.