Do you love loyalty and rewards programs like Plenty? Who doesn't right? At Fly Digital Print we love our customers and invite you to join our loyatly and rewards program.On this page you will learn more about the benefits of being a member and how your membership will help you save money whenever you need something printed for your business especially if it's a wholesale banner, grand format printing, vinyl printing, print products or trade show displays. 

Start Earning Points

When you join our loyalty and rewards program you will earn 1 point for each whole $1 spent on our wholesale printing website.

How To Redeem Points

You can redeem your accrued points to offset your purchase price at $1 for each 125 points .

You can also redeem your points to upgrade your membership status and earn permanent discounts.  Upgraded membership status and discount levels are permanent.*

Membership Upgrades

Points Required for upgrade / % Discount

Classic:  0 / 0

Silver:  2,500 / 1%

Gold:  10,000 / 2%

Platinum:  25,000 / 3%

Diamond:  50,000 / 4%

Diamond Plus:  100,000 / 5%

VIP:  500,000 / 6%

Royal VIP:  1,000,000 / 7%


CLASSIC Level is the initial level to start.  There are no member discounts at this level.

As your points are accrued through purchases, you have two options in redeeming your earned points:  (1) You can use your points to offset purchase prices or  (2) Use your points to upgrade your member level for permanent discounts.


Starting at the Classic level.

On a $2,500 purchase, you will earn 2,500 points. 

On your next order, you can either redeem the 2,500 points to get a $20 discount on this new order  or  use the 2,500 points to upgrade your membership to the Silver Level and get a 1% discount on all orders. 


Let’s say this second order is $500.  If you use the 2,500 points to upgrade the membership and get 1% discount, this purchase will end up being $495($500-$5). You must upgrade your membership prior to the new purchase.

The points left will be 495 (2500 original points - 2500 used to upgrade + 495 on your new purchase). 


Instead of upgrading, you use the 2,500 points towards your purchase, your cost would be $480 ($500 - $20).

After the purchase, you will still be at the Classic Level and have a 480 points balance that you acuired through this new order.


Ultimately, for you to reach the Top Level of Royal VIP, it will cost 2,500 + 10,000 + 25,000+ 50,000+ 100,000 + 500,000 + 1,000,000 points.  You can uprade your level by redeeming points for each level.



*Membership Upgrades are permanent and do not expire unless the privilege of use of the website is revoked due to misuse and/or abuse.  If necessary, we have the right to change, adjust or discontinue this program at any time.