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The Street Pole Banner is a DOUBLE SIDED banner that is hung on Street Lamps by pole pockets on the top and bottom.

For long term use, we recommend you choose the webbing option.  Webbing is placed around the pole pockets for extra durability.

There are two types of materials available for this product.  In most cases, the 14 oz. Banner is sufficient.

1.  14 oz. Matte Premium Coated Banner is fire rated and is 1000 deniers.  Good for most jobs.

2.  18 oz. Block Out Banner by Ultraflex is fire rated and is 1000 deniers.  This banner is not any stronger than the 14 oz. Banner.  It is blockout so that when you need to have absolute blocking of light from one side to the other.  The only time you may need this banner is if your banner is almost all white or if the city requires it.

Banners greater than 4 Feet (48") on the shortest side will be shipped folded and boxed.  Banners greater than 48"  that need to ship rolled will ship as an OVERSIZED Package and your invoice will be adjusted to reflect the OVERSIZE shipping fees.  Please NOTE in the comments if you will need your banner shipped rolled.

Material:  14 oz. Matte Premium Coated Banner or Ultraflex 18 oz. Block Out Banner

Ink:  HP Latex

Shipping packages greater than 48" on any side is considered to be OVERSIZED by Fedex and UPS. Additional shipping charges will be calculated after packing and will need to be paid for prior to shipping.

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Take Your Time Review by HLJ
This product was a trial and error for me. If you also get the hardware from FDP, know there are not instructions. When you install, start with the top bracket and two steel bands. When positioning the bracket, flip it so that the TINY CENTER HOLE on the bracket, is on the BOTTOM. Make sure your steel bands are going in opposite directions when you install them. After securing the bands (tightening with a screw driver), insert the pole banner (should already be on the poles). Slide that in, and secure it with the pin and ring. Then grab your eye bolt. With one hand, lift the edge of the banner pole (at the end) while at the same time, screwing your eye bolt in. The reason for this, is because you want that eye bolt in as far as you can, and you want the end of that pole to be us as HIGH as possible. When you can't turn the eyebolt anymore by hand, use pliers to turn it more.

Next, grab the bottom bracket, and two steel bands. When positioning the bottom bracket, you want that hole in the center (where the eye bolt screws in) to be ON THE TOP. Set your brackets as tight as you can. Slide the pole in the hole securing it with the pin and ring. Before using the screw driver to secure the bands, pull down on that bracket and bands and bring it down as far as you can (with the pole already in it). Secure the bracket with the bands (opposite directions) with the screw driver. THEN, grab your eye bolt and screw that down (this will push that pull down a little further). This is to make sure the banner is taut and NOT loose. YOU MUST have the eye bolt holes in the right spots or your banners will have wrinkles and be very loose. It is VERY worth it if you take your time and do it the right way! After installing two, I flew through the next 12. It took me three hours to install 14. They look FABULOUS!! Very pleased with these two products (banner AND hardware). (Posted on 8/27/2017)

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