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Tear Drop Flag - X-Large / Single Side



WHOLESALE TEAR DROP FLAG - Extra Large Single Side

The Teardrop Flag is suitable for indoor and outdoor events. Effectively advertise your logo or message with our extra large teardrop flag.

This flag material is dye sublimated allowing the graphics to bleed to the other side.  This means that graphic will be viewable from both sides with one side showing the reverse.  If you need both sides to show front and not reversed graphic, please order the double sided flag.

Material:  4 oz. Polyester

Ink:  Dye Sublimation

Total Display Size:  Height: 13.5 ft.

Graphic Banner (Finished Size):  44.95” W x 140.75” H


Ships usually in 3 Days excluding large quantity orders

Shipping packages greater than 48" on any side is considered to be OVERSIZED by Fedex and UPS. Additional shipping charges will be calculated after packing and will need to be paid for prior to shipping.